The Transportation-as-a-Service Platform

Enables transportation providers to instantly digitize and deploy services for their operators and makes it discover-able for their riders.

Innovating Mobility with the Skylark Platform


With Fixed-Route and On-Demand Capability

The Platform boasts true Multi-Mode Operation capability that supports Fixed, On-Demand and combination there of. Powerful yet simple Route & Dispatch Planning, Fleet Tracking and Asset Sharing features allow transportation providers to streamline their operations.




With Operational Insights, Alerts and Automation

Mobility providers can optimize their bottom line with Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization and Simulation. Real-time Alerts will help them stay on top of their operations. The Platform offers APIs for Business Process Integration and Automation.


With Safety as the priority

From Driver Scheduling and Assignment to real-time ridership list and notifications. From Stop Guidance and Navigation to Communication with dispatch personnel. The Platform drives Safety and Accountability across the board.


With tools to Enhance Experience and Grow Loyalty

Web and Mobile Apps for seamless discovery, booking and tracking. Partner Integrations to drive ease-of-access across apps and ecosystems.


With Plug-n-play IoT (Internet-of-Things) Hardware

Easy to install, reliable and Transit optimized hardware provides hyper real-time Vehicle Tracking, Diagnostics and Alerts. Vision System and Sensors promote Safety while Display Solutions help riders view and interact for a personalized experience.  


With capability to Connect Everyone

Integration Ready Application Suite powered by the Skylark Platform integrates seamlessly into Technology and Industry Partners Apps. API's and Interfaces allow for deep customized integrations. Data Connectors provide capability to build custom apps for Process Integration between Businesses and Partners.
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