Empowering Human Mobility

Skylark continues to drive innovation with a single focus - making transportation accessible, affordable and sustainable for the people. This innovation is powered by passion, creativity and dedication of an amazing team of human beings.

About Skylark...

Skylark creates mobility management technologies and platforms to empower transportation operators to easily and efficiently participate into the flexible shared mobility transportation grid of the future.

Skylark creates market-specific solutions in several niche verticals via deep integrations and partnerships across the ecosystem. Since its launch, Skylark's flagship product - TrackMyShuttle has been well received in the market and has gained popularity for its simplicity and elegance.

Start of the Journey

OCT 2017

Amit Kolambekar and Bhavin Parikh co-found Skylark Innovations in Ashburn, Virginia with a goal of making travel an easy and stress-free experience. They soon initiate concept development efforts and reach out to key technology and industry leaders for validation.

Bootstrapped with Conviction!

JAN 2018

With concepts validated, the co-founders expand the team and kick-off product development. The small but driven team quickly churns out working prototype. Development efforts on Hardware, Firmware, Connectivity, Software Platform and Application start to show promising results.  They name this product: TrackMyShuttle.

Travelliance Partnership

MAR 2018

Team establishes Channel Partnership with Travelliance, Inc. - a global provider of Distressed, Crew and Executive Lodging. Travelliance proudly serves Airlines, Insurance, Railroads, Transportation, Charters, Government, Utilities and Emergency Response.

In Q4 2019, Travelliance, Inc. becomes a part of the Fleetcor Technologies Inc. (NYSE: FLT) portfolio.

TrackMyShuttle Beta

JUL 2018

Skylark releases beta version of TrackMyShuttle and makes it available for hotel partners around O'hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago. This limited launch of the product helps gather the much needed operational, utilization, and market acceptance data to further enhance the product.

Seed Funding

OCT 2018

Founders then secure Seed Funding to accelerate product development and organize marketing and sales activities. The team sketches up a path to market strategy starting with the Airline Distressed Passenger Transportation sector.

TrackMyShuttle Goes Live! 

NOV 2018

TrackMyShuttle officially goes live with the team going hotel door to hotel door in order to build an initial sales pipeline.

First 100 Customers

JUN 2019

TrackMyShuttle gains traction and reputation expanding across US' major airport hubs. It becomes popular for its simplicity, elegance and application tailored approach.

Resorts, Parking & more...

JUL 2019

TrackMyShuttle expands beyond Airport Hotels and into Resorts, Parking, Cruise and Ship Ports, Event and Convention Transportation, Business Campuses, City Hotels and Residential Shuttles.

Into the Great White North

SEP 2019

The product expands into Canada.

Expedia Partnership

OCT 2019

Skylark partners with Expedia Group to bring TrackMyShuttle live to its customers right from the Expedia App.

Named one of top 20

DEC 2019

Named 20 Most Promising Travel & Hospitality Tech Solution Providers - 2019 by CIO Review.

Land Down Under

FEB 2020

TrackMyShuttle makes its way to Australia.
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